N4200 Pentium Version of the UP-Squared graphics driver problems

Martin Mayr
Martin Mayr New Member Posts: 54


after having changed the first UP Squared via RMA due to different problems know by Roger and Aling ... I finally got the exchange board and this exchange board could receive the Win10 x64 Enterprise installation - this time without problems during the installation ... good news ...
BUT the graphics driver problem is still existing - with the new board newest BIOS 2.1 and newest Win10 - 1709 release I tried to install the Intel Drivers for Apollo Lake N4200 but the board still stay with its Microsoft Base Driver with 800x600 resolution ...

Help please ! Some other formum messages refer to links (which are since the rework of the forum are no more accessible so I can't get the drivers from there and the Intel drivers seems not to work ....

Help please !

Best regards



  • Martin Mayr
    Martin Mayr New Member Posts: 54

    Found the solution with some new chipset driver package ...
    When Installing the newest Chipset driver package I got high resolution on my HDMI output ... even before installing the graphics drivers ...
    Then I wanted to update the graphics drivers ... but the installer failed to finish the installation ... but graphics still works in High Resolution .... Trying to install other drivers now for SerialIO which should contain the drivers for GPIO etc ... will give a feedback about it later ....

  • Troy Lin
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    Hi Martin,

    The latest BIOS V3.3 for UP2 board has been released, the latest BIOS resolved few issues including Intel Apollo Lake display issue. Please update your UP2 board with latest V3.3 BIOS and check if you still have display problem

  • mdoke
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    edited June 2018

    Did you ever get this resolved. Where graphic driver installation reboots and never installs driver?
    I updated to 3.3 but still have the issue.

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