UP Squared innovator version and BIOS updates

zuzzurrozuzzurro Posts: 9New Member
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I have an Up² innovator version (BIOS Version: UPA1AM06) and I would like to understand if there are BIOS updates for it.


  • AlingAling Posts: 506Administrator, AAEON, UP reseller admin


    For innovator board, it is not possible to update the BIOS. The BIOS is working with FPGA, the innovator board was loaded with different FPGA comparing to the mass production version. At this moment, we still can not provide a tool for users to update the FPGA for the concern of bricking the board.

  • Per Mejdal RasmussenPer Mejdal Rasmussen Posts: 16New Member

    I have an innovator version too. I would really like to get it patched for Meltdown / Spectre / sa_00086. I would go so far to say, that if the issue is not fixed. Then the product is defective, and must be RMA'ed.

    As I understand, there are only 50 innovator boards in the wild. So it might be more cost effective to ship a mass production version to those people.

  • StalinStalin Posts: 2New Member

    Hello, i have the same problem.

    Please either release a valid update, or you shall RMA it.

  • Thomas SchleichThomas Schleich Posts: 5New Member

    Same here, is there any chance of getting an update?

  • zuzzurrozuzzurro Posts: 9New Member

    When I asked the question the Meltdown saga was still unfolding, now the situation is more clear and the need for a BIOS update becomes more pressing.
    Are you guys going to do something about this?

  • JarosławJarosław Posts: 2New Member

    I see that despite Alin post there isn't anything being done about it, so I'll bump this topick up, I'm an owner of up squared board and i'd like to update BIOS/UEFI.

  • Daniel LigtvoetDaniel Ligtvoet Posts: 7New Member
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    I agree, not sure if anyone noticed this when they pledged for the innovator version, but did anyone receive a production version? I certainly didn't

  • zuzzurrozuzzurro Posts: 9New Member

    I for sure had noticed that ...

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