ubilinux 4.0 - SPI speed TFT display

Björn ReichertBjörn Reichert New Member Posts: 48

I have installed on a second UP Board (4 GB width 32GB eMMC) the new latest BIOS and ubilinux-installer-4.0.iso from december.

I get all my TFT displays to run, but the spi speed is very terrible slow - also if i run a python program one CPU core is running near 100%.

Have you an idea ?


  • EKravaEKrava New Member Posts: 1

    did you compare it with raspberry pi ?
    i tested my spi tft display, with rpi3, on first look, it work faster than on up board, but when i try to play video 320x480, real fps is 4.
    i think best solution find hdmi 3.5" rpi display like https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32819353553.html

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