First impressions after 3 days with up-core 64bit 4gig ram.

Sean Phillips
Sean Phillips New Member Posts: 8

I am super happy with it. Let me run down some ideas and impressions.

First I will start with my disappointment with the heat sink that was already applied. I cant use the aluminum case that came with up-core unless I cut or remove the heat sink. I accidentally touched the heat sink because its exposed, causing my up-core to freeze. it has rebooted fine, and has been running for 3 days now.

My impression of anything under 4 gigs of ram would be dismal for windows. any version under 4 gigs in my opinion would only be good for optimized devices, and not running windows 10. It does not make any sense to expect windows 10 to play nicely on 2 gigs of ram. But that being said, 1-2 gigs would be a raspberry pi killer for sure.

I have installed a sata SSD drive through a usb converter cable. Its performing nicely, and at 256 gig, im having no issues installing stuff. I partitioned the on board 64 gig to 2 partitions 30 gig each. I would recommend to anyone else installing windows to lean more space on the first partition, maybe closer to 45 gig.

I was not super satisfied with the on-board WiFi. My internet speed is pretty quick here. I have a 4 port usb installed on the usb 3.0 port. So I grabbed a external dual band wireless card. Wow what a difference this made, I have been getting download speeds of over 10 mb/s.

I decided to try and crash the computer on a game i never expected to run. Elite dangerous. I was correct that the graphics had to be turned down a lot to make it playable. but it did run, and I was flying around for a bit.

I have now installed some classics I loved to play. hearthstone, diablo III, starcraft II. these games run fine, and are very playable.

Some suggestions to the developer of the up-core.
Smaller better! I would recommend a version of up-core that instead of HDMI, has mini DVI port, USB 3.0 port, power, and then drop as many of the pin connectors as you could. shrink the board. I understand this version having everything possible in a small form factor. But a version with bare minimum computer is very desirable.

I am linking a GIF of me playing hearthstone, I am playing games till I receive my Intel real-sense that ships for Jan 8th release.

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