Can't install driver package provided in Downloads

airide101airide101 Posts: 1New Member

Whenever I go into the driver folder that I downloaded, I open the "Step 1 - Chipset" folder and run the setup application. However, After clicking next and trying to start the download, it immediately gives me an error saying "The requested operation failed". When I check the log file that it provides it has an error that says "Unable to pre-install driver file : " naming the first driver file in the list: "MBI.inf".

So I guess that file isn't properly installing and it aborts the install operation but I don't get it. Now what the hell do I do? They were the files that were provided in the Downloads section and all I did was install Windows 10. Did anyone have success installing drivers for Up Core?



  • AbsCodeAbsCode Posts: 1New Member

    I had the same problem with the Up Board driver install. Looks like it's a horribly written installer -- nice job Intel.

    If there is a space in the path, I experience this failure. When I made sure there was no spaces in the path, the install works just fine.

  • LasseLasse Posts: 5New Member

    Oh well..... doesn't look like UP ever tested their driver package. The spaces are already included in the zipped folder structure. The missing signature in the dummy driver isn't very professional either.

  • AlingAling Posts: 501Administrator, AAEON, UP reseller admin

    Thanks for the feedback. Our team tested again and realized that one driver was missing. We just add a Hub driver for UP Core.

  • praetorian55praetorian55 Posts: 4New Member

    Hi Everyone - I'm a bit late to this party, but I believe I might have determined how to get around this issue with the chipset driver installation:

    I believe the quirk is that if the installation setup file is in too many nested folders it fails - The way it's organized in the .zip file doesn't help either. After extracting the path was something like:

    C:\Users\MyUser\Desktop\UP core Windows Driver 20180131\Step1-Chipset\WIN10_64\setup.exe

    I copied just the "WIN10_64" folder directly to the desktop and the installation worked fine.
    (Path was then: c:\users\myuser\desktop\WIN10_64\setup.exe, which was two less folders deep)

    From there, the installation went off without a hitch - I tested this process twice and it worked both times.

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