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Fan is always on


Hi Forum,

I just switched from passive cooling to the up2 active cooler
I understand the Fan is not pwm,
but, the fan is always on.
would it be possible to only turn it on at highter cpu temps ?

I didn't change any bios setting regarding thermal,
there are some bios values listed for at what temp the fan should start,
and at what temp the board should throttle cpu or powerdown,
but these settings don't seem to have any effect.

i'm running latest ubilinux with bios updates



  • Kent
    Kent New Member Posts: 6

    I'm also interested in this. The noise from the fan running at 100% is a little distracting. If there is any way to trigger it using temperature controls/ranges within the OS or BIOS, it would be useful to know.

  • Troy Lin
    Troy Lin Guest Posts: 33 ✭✭


    The UP board FAN only has 5V power pin and ground, there is no PWM available for such small fan. When the UP board is powered, the FAN will turn at full speed, unfortunately it cannot be controlled via BIOS or other settings.

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