Installing Fedora OS on the UP² Squared.

JeehoOh New Member Posts: 2

I want to install Fedora on the UP² Squared. I tried to install Fedora 22 live, netinst version, but all failed. Is there a way to install Fedora in UP² squared? Please let me know if it's possible.


  • zuzzurro
    zuzzurro New Member Posts: 15 ✭✭

    I installed Fedora as soon as I received my UP² Squared. I am now running F27 and I can tell you it works fine.

  • JeehoOh
    JeehoOh New Member Posts: 2

    How to install the F27? I tried install F27 live OS, the error happened like this:

    I did step by step like this:

    1. Make boot USB using Universal USB installer.(I download Fedora 27 live version to the official site.)
    2. Change the bios setting.(boot priorities.)
    3. Install the Fedora OS.

    Could you tell me the step how to install F27 on the your UP² Squared?

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