Need the 10-Pin USB/UART cable?

Peter Berbec
Peter Berbec New Member Posts: 8

The connector on the UP board for the two USB2 and one UART connector is a "Mini. Micro JST sh 1.0mm 10Pin".

On eBay I purchased this cable for $7.50. It took weeks from China. This is 10-pin to 10 bare wires. 2 wires for UART, 4 for USB-one and 4 for USB-two.

On Amazon I purchased this cable for $6.00. It came in 2 days. This is a 10-pin motherboard connector to two USB jacks. I cut the motherboard connector off, snipped the two duplicate grounds and was left with 8 bare wires, four for USB-one and four for USB-two.

I used these connector specifications to determine which wires on my JST connector go to which, twisted them an voila! It works. I now have two USB2 connectors. Total cost: $13.50.

My eBay purchase form China that took weeks came with 10 connectors. I used one and am planning on keeping a backup connector in case mine breaks.

I am offering to mail one to you, for free.

I'll mail them, one per person, in a first-class envelope. Ask for one in this post, and email me your physical address. The post office is a block from my house.

First come, first serve. There are eight left. I will reserve and mail them in the order people reply to this post.

You'll still need a USB cable like the one I got from Amazon, but $6 shipped is less crazy than the $30 shipping from Europe.

I'm not gonna mail them International, sorry. If I can't buy a pre-stamped envelope from my post office, you're out of luck.


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