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LED Blinking when mini PCIe 3G modem pluged in


First of all, thank you all for this community, I think every UP board owner really appreciates it.

I am testing a 4GB RAM UP-Squared board. Everything works fine except when I power it on with a Sierra Wireless MC8775v mini PCIe plugged in card (more info here)

The board's blue LED starts blinking indefinitely and the board does not turn on at all.

I tried several devices, exactly the same model. It does not work.
It DOES work with another brand and model: Option GTM380
I have no others to try for now.

Anyone has any clue about this?

Thank you in advance.
Best regards.


  • eduncan911
    eduncan911 Administrator, Moderator Posts: 157 admin

    Hello and welcome to the (new) forums!

    I can't talk specifically about the UP Squared's BIOS reaction to a bad mPCIe device flashing the blue light.

    However, that blue power light is always solid unless the BIOS is resetting itself. If it is blinking, that would be an indication to me that something is wrong with the mPCIe device.

    And the fact that you have another brand/model mPCIe device that does work, I would suspect it's a problem with that MC8775v device.

    I actually have the MC7355 version and it works in one of my UP Squared. Well, to at least powering on and booting the OS. I haven't configured it yet though. I bought it as pfSense seems to support this model with the recent releases.

    But now I've moved onto ArchLinux and Xen, and just haven't had the chance to set that up yet.

    Where did you get the card? If on eBay, perhaps exchange it?

    Eric Duncan - UP Evangelist - My thoughts are of my own free will

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  • t3kip0
    t3kip0 New Member Posts: 2

    Hi Eric,

    Thank you for your quick answer. The MC8775v is not faulty, I actually have 3 of them and they work on other boards.

    The LED starts blinking as soon as I plug the power jack, I see nothing on the screen.

    There seems to be whether a hardware problem (maybe pinout incompatibility, but I really doubt it) or even an electrical problem, although I am using the 5V/6A original power supply from UP.

    As you mention, there might be a BIOS error or incompatibility which makes the board enter in boot loop while turning on. Maybe I am missing setting something at BIOS or I need to upgrade it.

    BTW, how did you manage to add a SIM slot to the MC7355?


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