Can't install Ubuntu on Upboard

I have been trying to install ubuntu 16.04 on my upboard but after selecting the 'install Ubuntu' option from the Grub Menu it shows a black screen with the following errors:

efi: requested map not found.
esrt: ESRT header is not in the memory map.

I tried install 14.04 as well but the same errors occur again with an additional one:

i8042: Can't read CTR while initializing i8042

I am using rufus to make a bootable usb using the amd64.iso file for both installations. Also, I have already tried this solution but it doesn't work:

I would appreciate any sort of help with this issue


  • FlorianFlorian Posts: 1New Member

    For me it also didnt work at first time. So i restarted the installation procedure with usb-drive again and when the UEFI Popup showed up i clicked on continue. Installing after that caused the same error as you describe.
    So don't just click on Continue!
    You have to wipe the disk via the mechanism provided by the setup (click on the something else option) and in the following window you can delete the partions by selecting them and clicking the minus button.
    After that click on back and select the option to erase disk and install ubuntu.
    Now ubuntu should install fine.

  • ccaldeccalde Posts: 218New Member, Emutex mod

    Hi all,

    Did you follow the

    Using Etcher, for example, you should be able to install Ubuntu without problems.
    Also, try to install the Ubuntu over the entire memory space and delete the old version installed.
    I would recommend

  • aicraaicra Posts: 1New Member
    edited June 2018

    Hi. Last night I installed Ubuntu 18.04 using USB Writer on Mint. Although, I did a side by side install with 16.04. Also, FYI, I was able to create a custom iso of this 18.04 using Linux Respin, but I need to test this iso in a VM shortly. Update: sorry, this is for the Up Squared.

  • ccaldeccalde Posts: 218New Member, Emutex mod

    Hi @aicra ,

    Please, if you need help with your UPSqaured board, could you comment in the right section?

    Thank you!

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