Problem installing Windows 10 - Bad graphic card? - UP CORE

PedroPedro Posts: 1New Member
Hi there,

I received my UP Core a couple of weeks ago and I have been struggling truing to install Windows 10 on it. I have tried a few things including loading the drivers in the installation usb stick but the end result is always the same. A purple, green or orange screen appears and nothing happens.
I get to this screen after the first restart when all files are copied to the drive. After a while windows starts loading and some artifacts or a full screen color appears.
Don't exactly know how I end up with the error message but after goggling I discover a possible solution that involved deleting a registry entry by pressing Shit+F10 to access the command prompt and type regedit to access the registry... but a soon as I press Enter the color screen or the artifacts appear.
See attachments.

Please help.



  • TooBarFooTooBarFoo Posts: 11New Member

    I'm also new to the up board so just a general thought I take it you have tried different monitors. I have a little display that behaves very much as described until you manually set the setting for it and as such can not use to do installations.

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