Only Three Unknown Devices Left

Peter BerbecPeter Berbec New Member Posts: 17
OK we're getting somewhere! Thanks to investigative work by great members of the community (I'm staring at Fleximex), we have a nearly fully-functional Windows 10 device. I've got wifi working, a usb-sata adapter and Gbe all running off a powered hub. I am quite happy with the UP Core so far.

BUT we still don't have a fully filled-in Device Manager. My setup has the following "Unknown device"s:

Device Instance Path ACPI\80862288\1
BIOS Device Name \_SB.PCI0.PWM1

Device Instance Path ACPI\80862288\2
BIOS Device Name \_SB.PCI0.PWM2

Device Instance Path ACPI\HAD022A8\1
BIOS Device Name \_SB.PCI0.HAD0

Does anyone know where I can get drivers for these?


  • GTCGTC New Member Posts: 15
    If the product is clearly being advertised as being "disfunctional & without compatible drivers", then you are on your own.

    However, if advertised as a compatible Windows 10 SBC (without mention of what is lacking) e.g. missing multiple drivers for its hardware to function properly, then your Up Core board qualify for a RMA/return. If I were you I'd just ship it back for repair and/or refund and wait until the product is fully develop/tested to buy it again.

    Few of us are waiting for this product to be available (well, a working product) so we can actually buy them. So please let us know what comes out of this, if it got repaired. etc
  • Peter BerbecPeter Berbec New Member Posts: 17
    From everything I've read, this is not a failure of the board's hardware. It is an.... oversight, shall we say, on the part of UP for not providing functional drivers.
    I'd just chalk it up to kick starter and growing pains, but this is the third board they released and it is for sale in their shop as a finished product. Kinda disappointed.
    One community member fixed everyone's wifi. How did the board leave the shop with non-functional wireless?
    The lack of communication is sad too. You'd think they would have a forum guy who's only job would be to let us know the status of this stuff.
    OK, rant off. Like the board but wish I got a full set of drivers with it
  • BRUSSIEUXBRUSSIEUX New Member Posts: 10
    Hello PRB, could you please summarize for the community here where did you find the drivers for the two first peripherals? (On my UP-CORE / Windows 10 pro i still have 5 peripherals left without driver...). thank you...
  • Peter BerbecPeter Berbec New Member Posts: 17
    I installed the standard UP drivers, except the LAN, and the wifi drivers Fleximax posted
  • AlingAling Administrator, AAEON, UP reseller Posts: 556 admin
  • GTCGTC New Member Posts: 15
    Sweet. Now.... where do we buy?!

    We need 111 pcs;1 for myself, 10 for prototyping/testing and 100 for a product that hopefully will go LIVE in July.

    More if all goes well

    Thanks for the hard work on the drivers side
  • Jason SchreiberJason Schreiber New Member Posts: 18
    Thanks for the drivers ... This link still has the wifi drivers which don't work in Win10 (code 10). Can you provide more documentation on how to install some of these drivers?
  • Peter BerbecPeter Berbec New Member Posts: 17

    This thread is where I got my wifi drivers that 100% work on my board with Windows 10
  • AlingAling Administrator, AAEON, UP reseller Posts: 556 admin
    @GTC , please drop an email to [email protected] for your volume order. We will guide you how to order.
  • Peter BerbecPeter Berbec New Member Posts: 8


    Has there been any movement on getting drivers for these last three unknown devices? The new pack of drivers, the ones that include the unsigned dummy driver, don't cut it and I still have 3 unknown devices left.

  • LasseLasse New Member Posts: 5

    These are the 3 dummy devices according to the device instance paths. I guess the dummy driver did not install correctly.

  • HulkRayznHulkRayzn New Member Posts: 2

    I have the same issue left like Peter Berbec... he discribed it very good and gave all information needed.

    @Aling Why can't someone from your Team give us a short heads-up?!
    Maybe there are some problems - ok, if you tell us which devices these three are community can investigate and maybe help solving it... but just ignoring it and telling nothing is no good service!

    If it comes down to orders like @GTC you reply and help immediately... weird

  • LasseLasse New Member Posts: 5

    Download and unzip this file:

    Right click the .inf file, select "Install" from the popup menu.

    That should take care of it.

  • Troy LinTroy Lin Administrator, AAEON Posts: 33 admin

    Hi All,

    To clarify what the 3 unknown devices are:
    1. PWM1
    2. PWM2
    3. ADC

    The UP/UP-Core BIOS report these 3 devices in the ACPI table, that is why Windows will recognize there are 3 devices, however, unfortunately Microsoft & Intel does not have any driver of these 3 devices available for Windows, therefore, it will appear to be unknown devices in the Windows Device manager.

    But, these 3 devices are available and can be used in the Linux OS. :smile:

    To avoid or hide the 3 unknown devices in the Device Manager, the work around is to install the Windows dummy driver, available here:

  • LasseLasse New Member Posts: 5

    How come the dummy driver in that package is not digitally signed?

  • Troy LinTroy Lin Administrator, AAEON Posts: 33 admin

    Hi Lasse,

    The purpose of dummy driver is just to hide the unknown device in the Windows device manager, the driver will not get the PWM & ADC working in Windows. Therefore, we do not see it as necessary to have the dummy drivers digitally signed as it does not have any function.


  • LasseLasse New Member Posts: 5
    edited January 2018

    Are you sure you didn't spent more time on writing the installation instructions and for customer support than it would have taken you to sign the driver?
    When I saw the instructions for disabling driver signing, I figured that it would be faster to sign the driver myself than to follow all these steps. The dropbox link above will give you a fully signed dummy driver.

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