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Is the power button a random fun button? System Led?

fnoop New Member Posts: 28
How does the power button work on the up core? Pressing it seems to do random things if the system is up, down, in bios but not consistently. Short presses behave differently to long presses.

Also, is there supposed to be a led on board showing power/activity? There's no led doing anything on my board, so it's impossible to tell if it's on, booting, asleep etc.

It makes it very difficult to determine the state of the board.


  • Thomas Hall
    Thomas Hall New Member Posts: 32
  • fnoop
    fnoop New Member Posts: 28
    Hello? Does anyone from Up/Aaeon know how their product works?
  • Brian Beuken
    Brian Beuken New Member Posts: 35
    They don't seem to be very responsive at the moment, I suspect they are busy.

    Mine also has no LED visible, though I was told in another thread that it had...

    But anyway, mine is up and running now, after removing the battery for a while. I am finding it painfully slow though I assume that the current Ubilinux OS isn't optimized yet,

    Watch this space
  • Troy Lin
    Troy Lin Guest Posts: 33 admin

    Hi All,

    Sorry for the late reply

    To clarify, unlike UP or UP2 board, the UP-core does not have power LED on the board due to spacing issue. But, if you add the UP-core carrier board, there is on board LED to indicate if the power is on or not.

    The behavior of power button for Windows 10 can be set in the Windows Setting, Power Option, Other Power Setting, Power Button behavior. If you press and hold the power button for over 5 sec, it will force shut down the system just like normal PC.

    The behavior of power button in BIOS menu is: press once the UP-core will shut down, press again the UP-core will boot up.

    BRUSSIEUX New Member Posts: 10

    ...i use the automatic boot at power on + Windows 10 configured to open my session immediately (without password) + launch a given program to startup a robot without need for any user after applying power to up-core... another useful idea is using a gamer mouse or gamer keyboard : their leds reflect the up-core status (lit when ON and dark when OFF or SLEEP)...

  • Amithlon
    Amithlon New Member Posts: 2

    where is the power button ??? - dont tell me under the tower heatsink - aaarrgghhh.... that tower is a pita to put together, so where is the on/off button - and where is the board connector diagram - uggh. can we run a case mounted on/off switch ?

  • Troy Lin
    Troy Lin Guest Posts: 33 admin

    Hi Amithlon,

    The UP-core power button is right beside the DC Jack, you can access it, it is not under the heat sink


  • fnoop
    fnoop New Member Posts: 28

    To follow up on this now I've started using it in the field - it's insane there's no power/activity led on this board. It's impossible to tell whether it's on or off, whether it's booting or not.. Terrible UX decision. There's plenty of room for SMD Leds.