Up Squared Wifi antenna does not attach to Wifi module

Bart van Oort
Bart van Oort New Member Posts: 8
Dear Up Community,

I'm currently working on a project at my university, for which we have purchased an Up Squared, together with the metal fanless chassis and the Intel Wireless AC3165 M.2 WiFi and BT module. My problem is with the latter. When it arrived, I noticed there was one antenna, but two spots on the AC3165 where the antenna could be mounted. A quick Google search led me to another post on this forum, which confirmed that it should be attached to the spot labelled 'main'. But when I then tried to attach the antenna to the AC3165, it just would not fit. The contacts are able to line up, but it's impossible to make them 'click' and stay together...

I've attached a close up picture of the contact on the antenna. I currently still have the AC3165 attached to the Up Squared board itself inside the metal chassis, which is now barely even able to receive the WiFi from my router only a metre away. I want to be able to attach the antenna, but I don't see any way how. As a side note about the metal fanless chassis, I don't see a good looking place to stick the board of the antenna to. What should I do?