How can you ship a product without drivers?

Mike New Member Posts: 10
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So I have a very good question for UP. I can order a UP Core right now, yet when I go to the downloads section for it there is nothing for Windows. Not even drivers.
So how in the world can you ship something with such little support? Why did you guys even allow to ship before it's time. I seriously want one, but jeez, you guys are such a big tease.


  • Kurt
    Kurt New Member Posts: 146 ✭✭
    Just wondering what are you asking for?

    Note: I have not tried installing Windows on the UP2 but did have it running earlier on my first UP (one I fried)...

    But if I were going to try to install it, it looks to me like there are drivers...

    Look at the page:
  • Mike
    Mike New Member Posts: 10
    My apologies, i updated the original post. I meant to say UP Core.
  • eduncan911
    eduncan911 Administrator, Moderator Posts: 157 admin
    I don't have an UP Core to test; but, it's the same Cherry Trail chipset from the UP Board. One could just use those Windows drivers (same chipset, GPU, etc).

    But there is no 40-pin GPIO on the UP Core, so don't install those drivers.

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  • Mike
    Mike New Member Posts: 10
    OK, that is a start, thank you. But still... How could they not take 10 minutes out of their day and post the drives there.
    What about the documentation, Connector pinouts, there are still GPIO's on the board on the 100 pin connector.
    I just cannot see their point on selling it yet if these things are not ready. Whats a guy to do, buy it, install windows, and just watch the screen saver?

    We need these things to actually make it do something to we can stick it in a product and start selling them.

    P.S. I know I am being read hard on them. But this is not their first board. They should should have learned by now that documentation comes first before the sale.
  • Jason Schreiber
    Jason Schreiber New Member Posts: 18
    Agree with Mike

    Need relavant drivers for UP CORE in the DOWNLOAD section. I've still got some ??? in my device manager! (mainly around what PWM something something) I don't know what they are for. I would like to use the UART so I'm guessing we need those drivers too.

    I'm liking the product but would love it if I could use all its functionality!
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