UPS HAT does not power-ON. one or two buttons?

Andres New Member Posts: 2

Just got the Up squared and the UPS HAT.
The info provided at the UP-shop about the UPS is quite minimal.
There is a video which points out to the manufactures web:
In the video the USP board has "two buttons" (one for power-on and one for power-off/restart)

The board I got, only has one button :(
Looking in the manual at the manufacturers webpage (, explains the Up-boards only use one button. But an extra connection needs to be made:
""""...To switch on and off, as well as to restart the UP board, connect the S1 push button via the enclosed PicoBlade cable with CN33 - Power Button Wafer of the UP board..."""

Ok, I got the wire and the UPS has a plug for it below the push-button. But, where should it be connected in the UP-squared? Where is CN33 ?
The only plug which would fit, has already a small battery powering the RTC at the UP-squared. In any case, the wire is not long enough to reach.

Did someone been dealing with the same issue?
Any help, AAEON?


  • Nicola Lunghi
    Nicola Lunghi Emutex Posts: 131 mod
    contact the manufacturer for support for the UPS hat
    Nicola Lunghi
  • Andres
    Andres New Member Posts: 2

    Seems that the UPS unit is not directly supported (plug and play) by the UP². The current version of the s-usvd software is not compatible with the UP².
    The S-USV support sent me a new s-usv software version compatible with UP², but it is only usable in Ubilinux.
    Future software versions compatible with the UP² in Ubuntu, will be released by the S-USV team when UP-team releases the required kernel driver package.

    So, When could we expect the kernel release for the UP² for Ubuntu? Weeks? Months? Any approximate date?

    As a temporal fix: If installing both, Ubilinux and Ubuntu on the UP², would the UPS work correctly when booting into Ubuntu?

    Best regards

    P.S.: Below is the answer from the S-USV support:

    Hi Andres
    In the meantime, the responsible SW developers have been able to provide a working software version for the UP²Board, which is attached.
    The problem with the I²C bus has been fixed here and works well under the operating system Ubilinux.
    Unfortunately, due to the publicly available versions of the Ubuntu operating system, we are currently unable to provide a compatible software solution. -
    Warning: For now the only supported distribution on the UP^2 is Ubilinux. Ubuntu support is planned for future releases of the kernel driver package.
    Once this kernel driver package is available from the manufacturer, we will release a compatible S.USV software version for Ubuntu.
    Thank you for your understanding.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Kind regards
    S.USV - Support
  • Robert Shelton
    Robert Shelton New Member Posts: 110

    Appears that we still do not have software for Windows 10 on Up2 - either drivers or client? All I have found are Ubiliniux files.

  • RolandP
    RolandP New Member Posts: 6

    Hello, I too struggled to find what the purpose of the molex cable included with the UPS Hat is. The only indication I have found is the UP Shop page that says it is for the on / off button, however it does not fit CN2... However it is all moot until there is proper software support for Windows 10. What have others been doing with the cable?

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