Kinect 2 Up squared linux

Anyone got Kinect2 working on Up2 with ubuntu linux ? Worked fine on UP. Possibly linked to GPU change.


  • EricEric New Member Posts: 16

    I'm massively dissapointed that 1) ithe multiple threads on this subject have just gone missing, and 2) I've not been able to run the kinect2 on the upsquared with spontaneously reboots after 5 seconds of data flow. perhaps we should start this over again.

    have you gotten it to work since originally posting?

  • EricEric New Member Posts: 16
    edited May 2018

    As of 4/25/2018 i was able to get this to work. i wish i can written everything down. get about 24-27FPS when colorizing the depth stream with libfreenect2

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