Hi-Safe Error FFFFF0FF

Drew New Member Posts: 6
I’m attempting to configure the GPIO pins on the 40-pin HAT connector from within Windows 10 x64. I’m not having much luck, though I can change the GPIO Output Levels successfully in the BIOS. This is an Up2 Pentium n4200.
When I try to run Hi-Safe, I get the Unable to load error, with code FFFFF0FF reported. If I try to run the example apps with the SDK, I also get this code at the lib initialization call.
Is there anyway to get past this?


  • OH
    OH New Member Posts: 3

    Hi, did you solve your problem with Hi-Safe? I get the same errors and can't fix them regardless of the version of Hi-Safe I am running.
    To set the GPIOs outside the BIOS you can use the DIO sample from the SDK. Have you tried that?

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