Default root password after install

While automated installer of Ubilinux 4 works fine, I'm left without root privileges after install.
I can login as ubilinux/ubilinux but that's it.

So what's the default root password ?



  • Nicola LunghiNicola Lunghi Posts: 131Emutex mod
    Hi tvm
    ubilinux uses sudo so to be root type in a terminal:

    sudo -i

  • Tomas VolkaTomas Volka Posts: 3New Member
    Thanks, I've figured that out shortly after I asked.

    It'd be good to include this information somewhere (wiki). Most people that are used to traditional Linux distributions are not expecting this.
  • WereCatfWereCatf Posts: 201New Member
    Traditional Linux-distros? Debian is a traditional Linux-distro and this is how most Debian-based distros work.
  • Tomas VolkaTomas Volka Posts: 3New Member
    Debian forces you to:

    1) Enter root password during installation
    2) Create non-root user, also with password

    No sudo available in minimal default either if I remember right. Also the user won't be in sudoers by default, since it has
    to be root who adds him. It's been like this for at least 20 years.
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