Microsoft support for GPIO, I2C and SPI ?

Mike New Member Posts: 10
I think I was to hasty in pre-ordering my UP Core board.
I have been looking though the forums, and (i may be wrong) but it does not seem UP has made a way to control the GPIO, I2c and SPI through a windows app yet. Is this true, because it seemed to me that the whole point for the UP Core running windows was to be able to do this for embedded.

Can UP please verify this.


  • GOB
    GOB New Member Posts: 5

    Any follow up to this?
    I want to get an UP board because I need to use some windows-only applications, but I need to know that I can access the GPIO from a windows environment reliably. It seems that this is not the case and it is stopping me from purchasing the boards. Is there any update to this?
    Many of the links in the forum posts I have followed are broken.
    Is it possible to access the GPIO via python in windows on the up board?

    Is the low speed adapter so that GPIO can be accessed with the core available??

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