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Improve the passive cooling (DIY)

Watherson New Member Posts: 5
[Photos are fiexed]
Hey guys,

I just recently thought about how to improve the cooling of the up square while it hits up to 90-100 degrees Celsius under intensive work loads (though it uses quite good thermal pad from fujipoly). I don’t want to use an active cooling since I have the board running 24h 365d in my bedroom.

I thought why don’t I just use a good thermal paste or whatever instead of the thermal pad. And then I got the idea! Use a piece of copper shim, past it on the cooler with a good thermal past then we can use put the whole thing directly on the board (of course some thermal paste between the die and cooler’s copper shim).

Let me show you guys what I have done:

I took all thermal pads, cleaned up with iso propanol and replaced them with my own and pasted the piece of copper with a thickness of 0.6mm (which is the perfect thickness) on the cooler.

While I wanted to use liquid metal (from thermal grizzly) to have an even better result, I covered ervery parts on the cpu which have something on them except the die with insulation tape to ensure no shorts happen. And then firmly spread the liquid metal with a cotton stick.

The result:

Quite cool under 5 minuets full load.B)

So, I want to share this with all who are not satisfied with the temperature of the board.



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