Supported OS - Upboard^2?

cloudguy New Member Posts: 5
I just got two UPBoard -- the original with an Atom CPU/4G RAM/64G eMMC and the
UPboard Squared with Pentium N4200 with 8G RAM and 64G eMMC.

Having no success installing any Linux OS. I was hoping to run Proxmox (5.0) on it, hoever
that and Centos 7.4, Fedora 26 and Ubuntu 1704 seem to have issues installing. All of the above reboot
the UP^2 somewhere during boot -- hardware issue / kernel incompatibility?

I've been able to successfully boot and install CentOS/Ubuntu on the Atom-based UPBoard.

Proxmox has an issue with eMMC support.

Really disappointed with the Up^2, has great specs, but appears to be dud.

Thinking of returning. Any ideas?