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Is UP Squared capable for embedded computer vision such as face recognization?

Liew Tian Chin
Liew Tian Chin New Member Posts: 1
We are choosing an embedded device capable to run image processing for face recognization. We wish to know more about the Up2 board (compared to raspberry pi) . Is Up2 board a right choice?
The engineering project we do is under Intel track. Here's the link:


  • Nicola Lunghi
    Nicola Lunghi Emutex Posts: 131 mod
    Dear tillew3
    all depends on your project specification.
    the UP2 board is a very powerful computing platform and is x86 so basically you can run on it all the software that you run on your laptop.
    In respect to the DE1 platform of the same competition also present a less step learning curve (expecially if you are not very familiar with FPGA tools)
    Said so if your application need for example to be run on battery for a long period of time then probably there are platform with less power consumption.

    Define your application specification and use case and then from there you can make a choice.

    Good Luck with the Competition!
    Nicola Lunghi
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