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I have found in document information about i2s. UP core has frm, clk, datain, dataout. Can someone help how I can connect pmod i2s dac and and how I can use under linux?

pinout up core pinout Pmod I2S
45. GPIO18/I2S2_CLK Serial Clock
47. GPIO14/I2S2_FRM is a LRCK?
49. GPIO27/I2S2_DATAIN -
51. GPIO28/I2S2_DATAOUT Serial Data input
I just have one question where I can get MCLK?

pinout Pmod I2S
Pin Signal Description
1 MCLK Master Clock
2 LRCK Left-right Clock
3 SCK Serial Clock
4 SDIN Serial Data input
5 GND Power Supply Ground
6 VCC Positive Power Supply


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    Can't answer your question but this raise some ;)

    I gather that there are no planed audio output (line level) on the Up Core? Do we have to outsource extra PCB and electrical engineering to get sound out of the Up Core?
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