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I would like to buy:

Question: Do I pay
1. only for hardware (computer)?
2. also there is license for Windows 10 included in this purchase? If yes how does it work? Where I can get serial for Windows 10 while installing on Up Board?

Thanks in advance.


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    No license included.
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    Currently UP does not sell Windows Licenses with their boards. Another reason for the lower costs.

    Download th le free Windows 10 ISO/Creator from Microsoft. Make sure it comes from Microsoft. Create your USB installation.

    You can "skip" the license activation part during install.

    And skip it again after the first login.

    You want to get to the desktop first, where it will say Unlicensed at the bottom right.

    And then use an old Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 key to register. Microsoft allows you one free upgrade for these old versions.

    Windows 10 gets away from "keys" and registers the CPU and motherboard serial numbers. That way, once to do successfully activate Windows 10 on your UP device, it will always be activated. You can format and reinstall to your hearts content, and once you are "online", Windows will self-activate again. (Just skip the key entry during installs).

    The only catch is you can only install the version on Windows 10 that your old key belongs to.

    For Windows 10 Pro:

    Win 7 Pro/Ultimate/Enterprise, Windows 8 and 8.1 Peo and Enterprise are required.

    All other versions (Windows 7 Home, Education, etc) gets Windows 10 only, non-Pro.

    If you install Pro and try to use one of these keys for Home, it will not activate. Format and reinstall again the Windows 10 non-pro.

    Technically Microsoft ended this free upgrade period last July 2016. But I still use it for computers I build. Used as recent as last week actually

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