Prototype of UP Core Aluminum chassis

Aling Guest Posts: 561 admin
Hi guys,

We just got our first prototype of UP Core aluminum chassis.
The first impression was good in the look and the material, and we gave some suggestions to make the assembly easier to users.
Hope we can finalize and enter the tooling stage soon.



  • eduncan911
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    It almost looks, "stackable"? Is that true?

    Could we have a slimmed down mini version with just the UP Core (no NIC HAT)?

    But later one, custom HATs with custom "extensions" to this chassis could be used to stack it up?

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  • Aling
    Aling Guest Posts: 561 admin
    Yes, it is stackable. Here we showcase UP Core+ one carrier board. You can stack up to 3 carrier board.
    You can buy the chassis for UP Core only, or buy the chassis for the stackable carrier board.
    Since the idea is that everyone can make their own carrier board. For the I/O opening on the carrier board, we will make a rubber, and users can make their own I/O plate.
  • Thomas Hall
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    Love it! Keep the grey