Nice power button for UP Squared fanless chassis

Kai Klintworth
Kai Klintworth New Member Posts: 23

Has anybody an idea for a nice power button fitting in one of the holes in the chassis? I don't need them for antenna but I would like to have a nice on/off button outside of the chassis.



  • eduncan911
    eduncan911 Administrator, Moderator Posts: 157 admin
    You may be able to find a button. Measure the holes I.D. and try by going through their massive selection of button sizes.

    But honestly, I use a toothpick or pencil or pen or whatever I have laying around to press the little white button in mine.

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  • Kai Klintworth
    Kai Klintworth New Member Posts: 23
    Thanks for the info Eric. I will check that out.