UP board eMMC change notice

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Reason of Change: Market supply stability and material lead time
Model number: UP board ( UP-CHT01-A10-series )
Current eMMC :
Kingston 16GB EMMC16G-M525-A51
Kingston 32GB EMMC32G-M525-A51
Kingston 64GB EMMC64G-M525-A51

Kingston eMMC Datasheet

New eMMC :
Hynix 16GB H26M52208FPR
Hynix 32GB H26M64208EMR
Hynix 64GB H26M78208CMR

Hynix eMMC Datasheet

Effective from : September 2017 production batch ( S/N: C179XXXXX) X=0-9

The new batch will arrive at UP shop from October 2017.


  • eduncan911
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    Thank you for this!

    All other manufacturers would just "switch it" without any announcement, leaving it up to the consumers to reverse engineer and figure out when things changes.

    Having the exact serial number and date of production runs is just awesome.

    Please, keep up these type of announcements!

    Eric Duncan - UP Evangelist - My thoughts are of my own free will

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  • David Rolfe
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    Thanks from me also for the information.

    Just to clarify the position here, can I assume from the production batch information given, that my UP2 board, for which the Serial No. is : C1780XXXX was actually manufactured in August 2017, and is therefore a 'current production' model?
  • DCleri
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    Hi Montala,

    The change notification is for UP Board.

    UP Squared already comes with Hynix eMMC.
  • David Rolfe
    David Rolfe New Member Posts: 98
    Hi dcleri,

    Sorry... I should have read the Change Notice a bit more more closely!

    My UP Squared board is actually the 128GB version (RE-UPS-APLP4-A10-08128) which I believe comes with a Samsung: KLMDG8JENB-B041 eMMC , although the other variants currently use Hynix branded modules.

    I would appreciate it though if you could confirm my enquiry about the date of manufacture of my board?

  • Aling
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    UP Sqaured-from mass production version:
    In 128 GB, we use eMMC from Samsung, PN:KLMDG8JENB-B041
    In other SKU, we use Hynix eMMC. 64GB PN.H26M78208CMR/ 32GB PN:H26M64208EMR

    Why not Hynix for all SKU ? because Hynix doesn't have 128GB. :-)
  • David Rolfe
    David Rolfe New Member Posts: 98
    Thanks, but could you answer my final question please?
  • Aling
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    AAEON's serial number rule:
    17=year 2017
    8=Aug, 1-9=Jan-Sep, A=Oct, B=Nov. C=Dec
    XXXXX is sequential number

    If you have a board C178XXXXX, it is produced in Aug, 2017. We never change eMMC for UP Squared from Kickstarter version to Mass production version.