Question:DSI or eDP display supporting in linux(ubuntu)

jianliang New Member Posts: 8
OS:ubuntu 14.04

From wiki upboard hardware specification: "DSI or eDP display (currently supported on Windows, Linux support will be added with an upcoming BIOS update release)"

Now upboard support DSI or eDP display in linux?

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  • hibox
    hibox New Member Posts: 1


    Could you please provide more information ?
    (any additional ppa or drivers ?)

    I have tried to get ubuntu 14.04 (desktop, amd64) to work with the 7" eDP display without success.

    up board (2GB / 32GB)
    7" edp touch display

    using the latest UEFI Bios "upc1bm0x_efi"
    ubuntu 14.04 and lubuntu 16.04 + linux-upboard ppa

    (windows 10 works, ubuntu always works on HDMI, recognizes display but no output...)

  • gogetassgk
    gogetassgk New Member Posts: 2

    same. wheres the fix??