Kernel-patches for UP2?

WereCatf New Member Posts: 201
I'd like to run Ubuntu 17.04 (17.10 once it's released) with a newer kernel than the 4.9 that ships with Ubilinux, but I'd also like access to the GPIO-, I2C- and SPI-stuff. I do not want to run Ubuntu 16.04 due to the amount of outdated packages, and Debian 9 (which Ubilinux is based on) is even worse in this regards. Now, the problem is that I am under the impression that Aaeon/Emutex will only be supporting 16.04 and Ubilinux on these boards and the 4.9-series kernel, so I'd need to compile the newer kernel myself. Alas, where do I find the kernel-patches? They're not on Emutex's github, as far as I can see.


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