HDMI only works directly through the TV, doesn't work through A/V receiver

Karl New Member Posts: 2
As described in the title, I can boot normally and see everything just fine when I'm going through my television's HDMI port. If I try to do the same through my TV setup's A/V receiver I get no audio or video. Just a black screen. No BIOS or anything. Has anyone experienced and/or fixed this?


  • rogertsai(AAEON)
    rogertsai(AAEON) New Member Posts: 350 ✭✭✭
    That is probably AV receiver problem, please contact the manufacturers for support
  • Karl
    Karl New Member Posts: 2
    Every single other device that I have works through the receiver including other computers, rokus, raspberry pis and so forth.
  • sj999
    sj999 New Member Posts: 1
    I'm experiencing similar issue with UP2 Squared.
    HDMI works when connected directly to my Dell monitor, but does not work through an ATEN CS682 KVM switch.
    None of my PCs/laptops have this issue.
  • WereCatf
    WereCatf New Member Posts: 201
    Just a quick thought, do you have the mass-produce version of UP2 with CEC? It plays havoc with my TV, which is buggy enough even as-is and it's pretty clear it's related to the CEC-functionality that not yet working correctly on the UP2, and maybe it's a similar issue with your setups? I have no idea how to fix it, though.
  • Stephen Neal
    Stephen Neal New Member Posts: 4
    I have a number of PCs with Intel GPUs that connect fine to my Denon AVR (Skylake, Haswell etc.).

    The UP Squared (Celeron N3350) is the only one that causes issues, and fails to display any video by default. It works OK when connected directly to my TV. It fails to work at all by default if connected via a Denon AVR. However if I boot up with the UP Squared connected to the TV and then plug in to the Denon AVR it does work.. The same is true whether I use HDMI or an Active Displayport to HDMI 2.0 converter.

    I HAVE got it working in LibreElec by forcing EDID (I extracted a working EDID on a Haswell Celeron box and force the UP Squared to use this) It looks to me like the EDID interrogation with some devices is failing - or not happening quickly enough.

    Definitely an issue that needs investigating - particularly as it happens in both Windows and Linux.
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