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Adding an external GPU?

Hi all

Since the UP^2 has a MPCI-e slot, I am curious if it would be possible to hook a graphics card up to the board? Would this simply be accomplished with an adapter PCI-e to MPCI-e adapter from the card to UP? Would there be any limitations, ie. could it support a high-end power hungry GPU (hypothetically)? I'm thinking of maybe expanding the board into a mini gaming rig with this extension.


  • WereCatfWereCatf New Member Posts: 201
    Yes, it should be possible, but the bus is limited to PCI-E x1 - speed. Also, you can't draw that much power just from the mPCI-E bus, you'd need an external power-supply that provides the +12V and +5V rails for the card.
  • Duane GoodmanDuane Goodman New Member Posts: 33
    Basically pointless if you're limited by the speed and need an external power supply fueling it. :)
  • WereCatfWereCatf New Member Posts: 201
    Pretty much. It'd be far easier to just build a mini-ITX PC at that point.
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