Windows 10 om N4200 - No Sound, controller not recognized in Device Manager

deesko New Member Posts: 5

I've searched the forum and found nothing related to the problem I have, so I'll ask for advice.

Received the N4200 unit a few days ago, and today I assembled it and proceed to install Windows 10 on it.

The only apparent problem I have is that there's no sound, the sound icon on the system tray has a stop sign on it, and if I click it, the Windows troubleshooter offers to search online for a driver, and finds none. Also, it suggests to update using update manager, which I already have.

I must state that I installed all of the packages this site has as Windows drivers, and it didn't solve it either.

Noone else has this problem? I just can't use this unit if there's no solution, since it was bought mainly as a multimedia hub.

Thanks for any help.


  • WereCatf
    WereCatf New Member Posts: 201
    There's no need to double-post. Also, go to BIOS, south-bridge settings and disable the audio DSP. If you have installed the drivers from here the audio should start working.
  • Rik de la Rambelje
    Rik de la Rambelje Guest Posts: 5
    Just to add to what WereCatf is referring to, you can find more information on the Wiki related to the audio BIOS settings.
  • deesko
    deesko New Member Posts: 5
    Thanks to both, it worked.

    As for the double post, I wasn't aware at the time it was waiting for moderation, I reported the post for a moderator to remove it.

    As a complement to your message, and to help others with the same problem, even if you already installed the drivers BEFORE you turn Audio DSP OFF in the BIOS, you do need to reinstall the Intel Graphics driver again, then reboot one more time, presumably because audio comes out from HDMI, and since it didn't recognize proper configuration first time around, it does install something different after you change the setting in the BIOS.

    Once again, thanks both for your help.
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