Windows 10 - No Sound, controller not recognized in Device Manager

deesko New Member Posts: 5

I've searched the forum and found nothing related to the problem I have, so I'll ask for advice.

Received the N4200 unit a few days ago, and today I assembled it and proceed to install Windows 10 on it.

The only apparent problem I have is that there's no sound, the sound icon on the system tray has a stop sign on it, and if I click it, the Windows troubleshooter offers to search online for a driver, and finds none. Also, it suggests to update using update manager, which I already have.

I must state that I installed all of the packages this site has as Windows drivers, and it didn't solve it either.

Noone else has this problem? I just can't use this unit if there's no solution, since it was bought mainly as a multimedia hub.

Thanks for any help.
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