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Huge problem with power connector

Any ideas/tips?
Whenever I even accidently tug the cable or move the device, it turns off, there seems to be something weird with the power connector.
Anyone else had this?
What to do, return? get some guy to fix it locally?
I just put it in the case and have not been able to use it since I can't move it.... or plug stuff in when it runs etc.


Sincerely, Andreas


  • WereCatf
    WereCatf New Member Posts: 201
    Sounds like it may not be soldered down properly, take a magnifying glass and inspect the solder-joints. If it is just a bad solder-joint it's not that difficult to fix.
  • Andreas Lindmark
    Andreas Lindmark New Member Posts: 3
    Yeah... I haven't soldered in years, maybe I can get someone to fix it.
    I feel like this should not happen on a production board tho.
  • Andreas Lindmark
    Andreas Lindmark New Member Posts: 3
    So I hadn't really had a chance to really look at the thing until now.
    I took it out of the ABS chassis, works fine.
    Laid it in place in the chassis, cable connector does not go all the way in.
    Well there we have it.
    Me and Mr Dremel fixed that in 2min.
    Solder seems fine and the connector is really sturdy.

    Now to get FreeBSD to recognize that emmc drive..

    Take care, thanks.
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