i2S audio output

daviddavid Posts: 1New Member
I´m trying to take analog audio from a 3,5 mm jack in the UP board.
Do you think that it will be possible with this i2s audio converter? If I understood well the up board have compatibility with i2S audio.

Thanks in advance


  • DCleriDCleri Posts: 470Administrator, Emutex admin
    Hi Daseri,

    The I2S driver is currently limited to support a specific realtek codec which is not very easy to find.

    Intel is working already on an updated driver and an open firmware to enable support for additional codecs.

    We will provide a status update by the end of September.
  • RuthRuth Posts: 1New Member

    Any update about i2s audio support ?
    That is the only thing that keeps me from buying it !
    Is there a reason not to include an audio output ?
  • TooBarFooTooBarFoo Posts: 11New Member


    Is there any more news here? Desperate to get audio out of the UP in the smallest possible footprint and the above, once deconstructed would be perfect


    Bar Foo

  • koblongatakoblongata Posts: 2New Member

    I am wondering too, any updates now?

  • hifiboyhifiboy Posts: 2New Member

    I am wondering too, any updates now?

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