What are these risers and screws for?

Brian Beuken
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Sorry this might seem super obvious, but I don't get it.. My Up2 board and black ABS case arrived today, and I noticed in the case box some brass risers and 2 chrome ....legs?? Along with a few black fixing screws
but I cannot for the life of me work out how these risers or chrome things are supposed to fit in this case, the board itself is unsupported at one end, and clearly needs the support. But the only screw holes in the board that would match it are currently holding the heat sink in place.

Am I supposed to remove the heat sink and fix it with the risers in the case?

I'd love to get the board fitting tight and secure in its case, can you help?


  • Brian Beuken
    Brian Beuken New Member Posts: 35
    Ah I found the assembly instructions on the Shop page for the case, ok it does indeed look like I have to remove some of the screws that currently hold the heatsink, I will do that now.
  • David Rolfe
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    I also received my board and case yesterday, and was about to say that the necessary screws and risers you mentioned were not included with either the ABS case, or with the aluminium one, which I also included with my order. but I have just found them in both boxes, carefully 'hidden' behind a cardboard flap at the front.

    I thought this worth mentioning on here, just in case some other customers have similar concerns.
  • Aling
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    Please check the assembly SOP, and let us know if anything missing. Thanks!