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Brian Beuken
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Hi nice to see another interesting maker board on the market. I just took delivery of my Up2, I went for the celeron version since I have been building a collection of SBC's with a condition that all cost under 100euros (KS price). the Pentium version went a bit out of that limit

I'm mainly interested in using SBC's as educational tools to teach programming, especially games and graphics programming as they can effectively be considered small consoles with restricted resources I consider SBC's to be good foundation systems for new programmers who want to make inroads into the commercially restricted console genre.

Im especially looking forward to playing with the GPU on this, as it promises to be the most powerful of all the credit card (pushing it a bit here but...) SBC's.

I'll have to get hold of a power unit for it, and then install an OS, but in the mean time I'll read up on others experiences and see what's what.


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    Welcome to join UP Community.
    We continue add more information in wiki, and we hope all resources will be helpful for you.
  • Garnett Hegeman
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    Looking forward to this new experience. I have built several motion detection monitoring systems with Raspberry Pi. But they cannot handle HD video playback. I need more power. I was considering the Odroid xu4 when I came across a forum called Odroid Alternatives. The final entry mentioned Intel UP. "Intel Who?" I thought. I am so glad I discovered this option. It has a much better price point and a much cleaner design.
    I can't WAIT to get this!!