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Ronald Brown
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I am looking into building Gentoo for the upboard. Not a huge fan of debian based distros, and for the project I am working on, A full linux build is over kill. As far as the kernel patches go, I can patch them into Gentoo Sources, considering I will need to do other patches there for other aspects of the project I am working on, it shouldnt be too hard to add the patches from ubilinux also. Really, what I cant seem to find the sources for is the Upboard patched RPi.GPIO python library that is included with ubilinux. I want my project to be useable on both the Raspberry Pi, and on the UpBoard.

So basically, I am building a proof of concept hand held gamesystem/media center/WIFI Pineapple/Bash Bunny/ and Lan Turtle all in one device, following the basic build idea here: http://sudomod.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=1607

Due to the USB gaget functionallity being non existant on the PI3, the upboard will make a nice replacement, due to the USB3 OTG port, the extra ram, video card improvements, etc. Should be nice for the emulation, and getting some of my favorite PC games in the mix also. 1 of the big improvements would be using GPIO pins to automatically change modes on the teensy for joystick confguration, which the code found here: http://www.sudomod.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=2285&p=23956#p23956 has support for, by holding down buttons. This shouldnt be hard to do, with a couple of transistors acting as buttons controlled by scripts that would change configuration, then launch the proper emulator. Problem is, I cant find the RPi.GPIO sources for the UPboard. If someone can post a link for them, I will happily write an ebuild for portage for them, and the Kernel Patches that I come up with from the ubilinux sources, patched into gentoo sources, so other gentoo lovers can follow in my footsteps with their projects.


  • Nicola Lunghi
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    Hi GavinDarkglider
    thanks for pointing it out!
    We were working on the updates for UP^2 but now should be on our github page:


    You can clone it with

    git clone https://github.com/emutex/RPi.GPIO.git -b ubilinux

    Next week we should be able to publish the 4.9 patches that will include changes for UP UP^2 and UP core

    Nicola Lunghi
  • Ronald Brown
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    edited August 2017
    Thank you for the information, when my UP board comes in, I will get started on porting all of that to gentoo. Another quick question, that I havnt seen any information about is if the device works as a USB gaget, with the USB3,OTG port. meaning can you use modules like G_Ether, G_HID, G_Serial, and G_Storage, etc? I have googled, but since I dont have the hardware in front of me, I cant test it myself.
  • Nicola Lunghi
    Nicola Lunghi Emutex Posts: 131 mod
    we tested the UP1/UP^2 with the G_Serial, and G_Storage modules and it works.

    The other usb gadgets should work too.

    Please let us know if its not the case.

    Best regards
    Nicola Lunghi