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I recently tried to install windows and was receiving the following error.

"We couldn't create a new partition or locate an existing one."

I found instructions related to making this go away that advised DISKPART and there were many people that backed this fix. Unfortunately this does not seem to have been the correct process for me. Instead what I have now is a single MBR partition the size of my entire drive. How do I restore the partitions to their default state and has anyone ever run into the initial issue when installing Windows 10 Pro on their board?


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    Hi Anthony

    Is this the same thing as that as below link ?
    Topic:Windows 10 Installation Single Partition

    I would suggest you to follow the below link to install windows 10 on your UP Board
    Windows 10 installation guideline
  • AnthonyAnthony New Member Posts: 4
    Thanks roger1tsai those guidelines would have worked perfectly and I'm really not sure how I missed them. After a while of messing around I did end up mustering up the courage to ignore the warning and everything worked out fine. Also yes the topics are the same, but I did not realize there was no indication that I had actually managed to submit a topic request and ended up accidentally making two.
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    I guess you are having trouble in the partitioning of the hard disk and you are not able to fragment it. I refer you to visit hp customer support for help regarding the installation of Windows.

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