Availability of new aluminium cases for UP Squared boards?

David RolfeDavid Rolfe Posts: 98New Member
edited August 2017 in Chassis

We are currently being advised that the official UP Squared aluminium chassis is currently on pre-order and will not be available until September.

What I would like to know please is whether you anticipate that this will be before, or after, the actual UP Squared boards themselves are available, as it would be a shame if combined shipments were to be delayed due to the unavailability of the chassis?



  • AlingAling Posts: 496Administrator, AAEON admin
    We anticipate to receive 80pcs metal chassis from the supplier in 2 weeks, and more chassis will be delivered by the end of September.
    Once we fulfill all backlogs and have inventory in warehouse, you will see the flag of " ship in 7 days" .
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