UbiLinux 4 beta 2 installer

Jesse Kaukonen
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Today I tested the ubilinux 4 beta 2 on my Up Squared. There were a couple of issues:

* I had issues with the board detecting USB sticks. I tried 3 at our office and none worked. I tried the following:
- dd the image onto the main device file (/dev/sdx). The board did not detect the stick. I attempted to mount the assorted partitions the EFI console displays, but no USB devices were found. The BIOS also found no USB sticks
- Manually formatted the USB stick and created a FAT16 partition, mounted the image and copied its contents to the FAT16 partition on the stick. Nothing was detected
- Bought a new stick from a local store, dd'ed the image onto the stick, the USB stick was successfully found. The new stick is a 16GB Kingston Datatraveller SE9. The non-working sticks are: 16GB "Extreme USB 3.0" SanDisk" and assorted older USB2 sticks on which I don't find any manufacturer notes. It should be noted the 16 GB SanDisk I had works with the standard Debian installer on my work laptop.

* The setup.sh suggests /dev/mmcblk0 as the default device. This seemingly doesn't exist on the UpSquared. The installation fails with the exit code ":(" which I think is printed from the output of "set -e". I'd recommend the output from the commands be properly printed to the user so that errors like that are more easily detected. I ended up ^z interrupting the script and manually executing the commands in the setup.sh to figure out what it is that was going wrong.
- Alternative change the setup script so that it lists the emmc partitions found under /dev and don't default to one that doesn't even exist

In addition, does this beta work with the standard UpBoard, or is it limited to UpBoard Squared for now?