Question for power input connector

CristianCristian New Member Posts: 1
I need some more info about the power connector of UP BOARD.
can somebody confirm the white power connector (as show in the picture) is a POWER INPUT connector at 5V (like the power JACK input)?


  • AlingAling Administrator, AAEON, UP reseller Posts: 524 admin
    edited July 2017
    The white connector is not a power pin header. It is reserved for toggle power button.
  • DCleriDCleri Administrator, AAEON Posts: 613 admin
    Hi tamyoz,

    Alternatively you can provide power via 5V power input and ground pins on the 40pin header.

    Please make sure you know what you are doing and you connect the pins to a 5V power source properly or you may damage the board.

    Check out this link for the pin mapping:
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