BIOS Settings to Disable AAEON devices for easier SCCM Win10 Install

Callan Christensen
Callan Christensen New Member Posts: 1
I am referencing the information in this thread:
For anyone who is wondering:

These are PWM controllers on the CherryTrail SoC (connected to HAT header pins 32 and 33):
String2="AAEON DEV_2288"
String3="AAEON DEV_2289"

This is a device entry in the ACPI table which was added to enable HDMI Audio on Linux, but isn't actually needed now (as far as I know):
String4="AAEON DEV_22A8"

This is an 8-bit ADC on the UP board, connected internally to I2C bus #3 and externally to HAT header pin 7:
String5="TI ADC081C021 ADC"

What specific BIOS settings can be set to "Disabled" so we can avoid having to install drivers for these devices?

The reason is that we don't want to make a practice of allowing MS SCCM to apply unsigned device drivers.

We have no use for these devices and we would rather just disable them, rather than deal with them.

Thanks for your time.
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