Plex server can play 4K video with the Use hardware acceleration when available

Raymond Day
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Wow I am very impressed with this. Have plex media server on it and I just did the Lifetime plex pass for about $120. That way it let me download the Plex that can do hardware acceleration when available (Experimental) and wow it works super good on this Up squared board. I even played a 4K video on my Dad's 4K TV. The video is only 22 FPS but it played very good.

I even tested playing on my cell phone away from home and it plays the videos real good too over the cell network from my home.

Got a 500GB on the SATA port on the Up Squared board. Very impress that it can play videos like this. I have the Ubuntu desktop on it that they had here to download. But I am just using it like a server. I don't even have the HDMI plug in it. But they did not have a server ISO to put on here. I guess it even work better if just a server not a desktop.

-Raymond Day


  • Duane Goodman
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    edited July 2017
    Theoretically the board should support 4K media at up to 60 FPS if you have the N4200 chip version. That's actually the main reason I bought it vs a UDOO x86. I have however seen examples of both boards playing 4K 60 FPS media.

    For max performance you need to use the display port interface as it supports both a higher resolution and refresh rate:

    Max HDMI Res 3840x2160 @30 Hz
    Max DP Res 4096x2160 @60 Hz

    Source: Intel N4200
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