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N4200 power requriments

What are power requirements and limits for N4200?

I use 4 LiFePO cells with 5V/9A DC/DC converter to power UP2. Problem is that computer sometimes restarts. I measure only 4.8V on UP board.
If I test original power supply I measure 5.15V.

Thanks for clarify


  • DCleri
    DCleri Administrator, AAEON Posts: 1,213 admin
    It seems your battery+dc/dc converter is not doing a good job. 4.8V is too low and you could damage the board.

    the PSU which is suggested for a N4200 UP Squared is a 5V 6A.
    The maximum Board consumption without any peripherals should be around 15 to 20 watts depending on amount of RAM and eMMC size.
  • Ales Ruda
    Ales Ruda New Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for answer.

    My English is not good, I need know what are recommend power supply voltage range, absolute power supply voltage range (not causes damage), voltage level on which board generates reset, acceptable power supply voltage raise time.

    DC/DC converter works fine. His output voltage is 4.96V. It is OK. Voltage between UP2's pin 2 and 39 is 4.8V. Voltage diference is caused by 3 connectors and wires. I measure UP2 consumption approximately 2.5A RMS in peek.

  • chris
    chris New Member Posts: 3
    I measure 2-5 watts from the wall when idle
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