No sound management on UP ?

vincent New Member Posts: 13
i have an UP board 4GB RAM+ 32 GB eMMC, I plug a hdmi connector on screen with speaker integrated but when i'm played a video, i don't have a sound.
The screen and speaker work well, i've tested it before.

Maybe i need to install a driver, but which ?
Or i must buy an external sound card ? Do you have one to advise me ?

If you need some other information for help me, ask.
Thanks in advance for your answers.


  • DCleri
    DCleri Administrator, AAEON Posts: 1,213 admin
    edited July 2017
    Hello courson,

    I am assuming you are running Linux. Which distribution and version?

    In order to get the Audio functionalities working on UP Board you need either one of the following:
    - any Linux Kernel 4.11 or newer (audio patches included in mainline)
    - Ubuntu 16.04 or derivatives with ubilinux kernel from our PPA which includes support for Audio, 40-pin I/O header, instructions are available from the UP Wiki,
    - ubilinux 3.0 which includes support for Audio, 40-pin I/O header and additional software (libMRAA, RPi.GPIO, etc.)
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