Single Board Computer Survery 2017 - Results

Duane Goodman
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Results are in, 13th and 17th place for the UP^2 and UP respectively.


Link: SBC Spreadsheet


  • DCleri
    DCleri Administrator, AAEON Posts: 1,213 admin
    Hi Duane01,

    Thanks for linking the results.
    Yes we are aware of the results and I think they are not bad considering both the projects and the UP Community are only 1 year old.

    We will work to improve the awareness around the UP Products and improve the user experience to get better results next year!

    PS: About the image, I have edited your topic, adding the png link to the img tag and it works!
  • WereCatf
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    I have to agree, your boards are doing really well for how young they are! You've still got a lot of work ahead of you, what with the wiki in a really poor state, a lot of promised functionality still missing, you should whip up a bunch of tutorials for stuff as x86-based SBCs are quite rare still and there's little to go on for those who haven't used such before, but things are looking healthy nevertheless and I hope you guys feel proud of what you've accomplished! :)

    I wish I could contribute something useful, but I don't even have my board yet.
  • Duane Goodman
    Duane Goodman New Member Posts: 33
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    With some good marketing and support I believe UP can jump ODROID and BeagleBone pretty easy, pushing the boards into top 10 for 2018. Maybe some of the other Raspberry Pi models will drop as well pushing UDOO into top 3. I'm suprised at the poor Tinker Board score. I expect to see that in top 5 next year as well.
  • DCleri
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    Thanks everybody for the great support and very useful feedback you are providing!

    We are already looking into the UP Wiki and new features implementation and we will release an update later this week on our planning for the month of August.
  • Sandeep Rao
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    Definitely I find UP board good when it comes to performance. My long run tests are in progress.

    I have used ODROID XU4 and ODROID C2 in other projects, of course I had been using Raspberry Pi in the past. Comparatively UP performance is good. I have not come across challenges till now with UP, but looks like the perception, while reading posts on other forums, on support for UP is not upto the mark. My 2 cents.
  • DCleri
    DCleri Administrator, AAEON Posts: 1,213 admin
    Thanks sandeep,

    We will keep working on the UP community and improve the UP support, feel free to provide any suggestion you may have!