power supply died.

Paul J R
Paul J R New Member Posts: 3
So my kickstarter up squared board came thru a couple of weeks ago (celeron N3350), ran for about 4 days then the power supply up and died.

Just wondering what options are available for replacement?


  • Aling
    Aling Guest Posts: 561 admin
    We didn't expect the power supply die so quick....it is a quite high-quality one.
    To claim RMA for Kickstarter backer, please send us your backer ID and product defective mode to shop@up-board.org Thanks!
  • Paul J R
    Paul J R New Member Posts: 3
    Not sure what happened but, when i was testing the PCU with a multimeter it was dead as a dodo, for no particular reasons i decided to try a different plug and it worked... Went back to my countries plug and its back to life, so im guesing something must of crept into the contacts on the high voltage side of the adapter somehow. Thanks for the response!
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