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FabrizioFabrizio AAEON Posts: 123 mod
Hi all,

we want to share with you some pictures of the gateway version of UP Squared.
In this example we have integrated Bluetooth 4.2, WiFi 802.11 AC Dual Band 2Rx2T, 4G Modem and LoRa concentrator ( gateway ).
Test in progress.


  • Bernard D'Havé Bernard D'Havé New Member Posts: 3
    which card do you use for LoRa concentrator?
  • FabrizioFabrizio AAEON Posts: 123 mod
  • David RolfeDavid Rolfe New Member Posts: 98

    I am new to the Forum, so have only just read this post.

    Am I correct in assuming that the Gateway version will be a new addition to the range, rather than a replacement?

    As I have just ordered an UP Squared from you, I am naturally curious to know when this version to be launched, as I notice that you mention Bluetooth integration in your post.

    However, surely this functionality will be available on the 'standard' version, once a M.2 2230 WiFi kit has been installed, or am I missing something here?


  • AlingAling Administrator, AAEON, UP reseller Posts: 561 admin
    The gateway is just to showcase what is possible.
    We used standard UP Squared/UP Squared metal chassis/ M2.2230 WIFI+BT/ 3G module/LORA HAT to make it. ( in this box, we only estimated the height of LoRA HAT, not put in the HAT).
    So you can also make it yourself.
  • David RolfeDavid Rolfe New Member Posts: 98
    Thank you for your reply.

    What I have ordered is a UP Squared Pentium Quad Core 8 GB memory/128 GB eMMC, an UP Squared Case ABS plastic case, together with a M.2 2230 WiFi kit for UP Squared ABS Chassis.

    What I am hoping is that this will give me 'out of the box' Bluetooth functionality with Windows 10 (and hopefully with Linux also!) but I would appreciate your confirmation of this.

    I am not however interested in the LoRa options.


  • FabrizioFabrizio AAEON Posts: 123 mod

    Bluetooth is included in the wifi kit you ordered.
    Adding the metal chassis to your kit you can have the same gateway displayed in the picture

  • Santosh MulthalliSantosh Multhalli New Member Posts: 1
    I am new to the UP community . I wanted to implement similar with both 802.11ac and 802.11 b/g/n . Can you suggest me the 4G LTE modem I need to use
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